NHL Playoffs: Barbie And Her Esteemed Panel Make Their Picks

Playoff Predictions


Playoff Predictions are like…ears…everyone has them.


The Mullet*

The Coach

My Goldfish*

The NHL Fourth Liner

The Junior Leaguer

The Creeper*

The Cup Winner

Pitt in 4

Pitt in 5

Pitt in 5

Pitt in 5

Pitt in 6


Pitt in 4

MTL in 5

Ottawa in 7

MTL in 6

MTL in 6

MTL in 4


Ottawa in 6

Caps in 4

Rangers in 7

Caps in 6

Caps in 6

Caps in 7


Rangers in 6

Boston in 7

Boston in 5

Boston in 5

Boston in 6

Boston in 6


Boston in 5

Wild in 7

Chicago in 4

Stupid question, next?

Chicago in 5

Chicago in 5

I’m Ron Burgundy?

Chicago in 5

Ducks in 6

Ducks in 6

Ducks in 5

Detroit in 7

Ducks in 6


Detroit in 6

Van in 4

Sharks in 7

Van in 6

Sharks in 6

Sharks in 6


Van in 6

Blues in 6

Blues in 7

LA in 7

LA in 6

LA in 5


LA in 6

*He’s 10. League leader in points and PIMS


*used fin signals to indicate choices



*choices stated while somewhat inebriated



A quick breakdown of each matchup:

Pitt Vs. Islanders

                Everyone picks Pitt in the first series. Smart move. Pittsburgh has proven that they can face adversity and still come out on top i.e. no Crosby; no problem. This team features an all star team of forwards, solid defense and good goaltending. Tavares a bright spot for the Isles but one bright spot can’t blind an entire team with top down talent.

Montreal Vs. Ottawa

                The esteemed panel is divided on this one with the Habs getting a slight nod. With that in mind, I’m predicting a long series for these first rounders. The Senators were good enough to make the playoffs without Karlsson but the post season tempo is ramped up. He looked great coming back from a horrific injury but will the grind of the predicted long series reveal weak spots in his return? I’m giving this one to the Habs because if I don’t, my relatives in Montreal will kiiiiilllll me.


Caps Vs. Rangers

                Another tough series that rests somewhat on Ovechkin’s stick. Caps started out poorly but gained momentum in the back end of the season. The Rangers nearly missed the playoffs so much like Cinderella at the ball, I think their time is short.

Boston vs. Leafs

                Boston wins this easy just like the panel says. Chock full of Vets, good goaltending and recent playoff experience make Boston my choice. Usually I’m a sentimental sucker; I love that the Leafs are here after a nine year drought but that’s not enough to make them my choice. Fun fact: The last time the Leafs were in the playoffs, Crosby and Ovechkin had yet to be drafted. Lolz. The fans will enjoy the games anyway; just as they do year after year, loss after loss.

Chicago vs. Who?


Detroit Vs. Anaheim

                Anaheim has the big three up front with Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan and Salami…errr, Selanne. Okay, that’s four. Whatever. They have offense but literally limped unmotivated across the finish line at the end of the season. On the flip side, Detroit without Lidstrom is like a day without sunshine. Detroit rallied through that in the last two months posting a 17-9-5 record. Add Howard to the equation with a 2.06 goals against…hmmm…can a series tie? Again, for momentums sake, I agree with my goldfish and go with the Ducks. Quack-Quack.

Vancouver Vs. San Jose

                The panel is nearly split again with the slight edge going to Vancouver. I like the acquisition of Torres for playoff hockey, Niemi is a factor; 24-12-6 record with a 2.16 goals against average. The last time he did this well, he was helping the Chicago Blackhawks win a cup. Canucks had a tough time with the Sharks this season with a dismal 0-2-1 record. I’m going against the panel and picking San Jose on this one. Sharks have the edge in the stats from face offs to PK to goaltending. Plus Luongo may have to put down his IPAD and actually play hockey instead of Angry Birds. Yup, I’m going Sharks all the way.

LA Vs. Blues

                This is the toughest one of all for me as I detest LA for the whiny, entitled princesses that they are. Elliott is solid at home but Quick is even more solid-er with a 13-4 at home, and a .917 SP. Put Quick on the road and he drops to a 5-9. Coming off back surgery, he seems a little less quick and a little less solid. I think the Blues win the first two-based on these stats alone and then bring it home later to win the series. No repeat for the Kings and trust me, I want them eliminated early so that I can enjoy the rest of the rounds.



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